Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Talk at the Nagios World Conference North America - 2012

Below is an overview of my presentation along with some pictures and slides from my talk/presentation at the Nagios World Conference North America - 2012 in St.Paul, Minnesota. 

Nagios in the Agile/Devops/Continuous Deployment World

Running Nagios in an Agile Continuous Deployment (CD/CI) shop like IMVU ( See: Continuous Deployment at IMVU: Doing the impossible fifty times a day can be a different than running it in a more traditional software development shop. The biggest challenge comes from the fact that things change very quickly, break frequently, go silently unnoticed, features add up instantly, failures cascade without much warning, etc. This means one really needs to adapt and tune their monitoring and alerting processes, procedures and infrastructure to meet the demands of being truly agile.
This presentation is aimed at exposing how IMVU uses Nagios as its core monitoring and alerting solution for running and enabling our $50M+ online business. We monitor everything from system level metrics like CPU to application metrics like how fast a counter is expected to increment for a new feature that was rolled out to 1% of customers to business level metrics like revenue, registrations, logins / sec and much much more.
It tries to project how at IMVU we try to limit Nagios to doing what it does best and decoupling the rest for scalability and agility reasons. It also tries to show how we have been successful in getting other teams ( like engineering, devops, marketing, data, customer service, product, etc to use/adopt/embrace it in some way shape or form to make them more self sufficient and agile.

My Slides